Dear Collector.

It gives me great pleasure to re-launch the late Pat Campbell’s “Replica Models”, as Replica Metal Soldiers & Models. Pat was a well-respected member of the Toy Soldier Community, being a lifelong collector, painter, manufacturer and enthusiast. His range of unique Indian Army figures and Britians style Band ranges were some of the best available, and his recast range of hollowcast figures were exceptional .

I will be putting back into production as much of the Replica range as possible and will also be adding new lines. Replica castings will be to the same high standards Pat established, being cleaned and assembled. Painted sets, executed in the pre war style of Britains Ltd, London, will also be available, painted to order.

I’d like to thank Margaret Campbell for her support in re-launching Replica and hope to be able to build further on the reputation Replica Models had, as a fitting tribute to Pat and his passion for Toy Soldiers.

Andrew Stevenson. Proprietor .

Replica Metal Soldiers & Models.